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Render Lists, the way to go?

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Hello ppl, I have been rendering my scene using dx (objects only for now) this way: HRESULT CModel::Render() { Lot of code stripped out . . . . m_pMesh->DrawSubset(0); return S_OK; } As you can see, I´m rendering each model from its own vertex buffer, this was easy at first, but now that I´m redesigning things, it is a pain to mantain. Now I have some classes encapsulating Object properties, for example CRenderable. I´m building a CMD2Loader and a Font class, and both are be based on triangles, so, the D3DXMesh is not the best way to render this. At first, I thought about inheriting from CRenderable and create a CTriangleList, a CMesh, etc... this classes would render things using different primitives (Trialge List a list of triangles, CMesh indexed trinagles, etc...), but this will not be good because I will need to create an inherited class for each object using different primitives. So, I decided to base all my rendering on triangles. So I was thinking about changing the rendering methods (in the classes inheriting from CRenderable) to only add triangles to a render list (would be a good thing to place it in the renderer? or in the scene mgr?), and then build the scene from this list. This way I can sort by texture, etc... what I heard is important to get it fast. Do you think it is a good idea? do people do things this way?. In resume: OBJECTS.render -> send triangles to the rendering list-> Render scene using the rendering list. Sorry for the long story . Hope it was undertood. Thanks in advance. HexDump.

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