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Book advice

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Alright I will be getting 1 new computer book and I would like to get some advice on what book I should get. Here is where I am at. I know C good, I am confident anyway, I got some very good reference book from school and it covers most of the lang but really advanced data types like link lists. I am starting to learn c++ on my own, I have teach yourself c++ in 21 days third edition, I understand OOP concepts from taking java in my course, so I just need to learn the syntax and of course link lists and other advanced topics. I dont have the math skills ''yet'' to even bother with 3d programming so I am only interested in doing 2d stuff, I am working with sdl atm. Now I am wondering what route I should go. Should I get advanced/reference c++ book or get a book on game dev, one that covers, "how" to make a game? If you think I should go with the game book then I would like a book that covers topics in detail not just a basic 2 pages of how something works, for example, AI I want to know how to implement it in a game, not just what is AI is with 2 pages of text, end of topic on AI.! I want to see a lot more detail, good example code is a major plus, I dont do very well with just theory, practical helps me understand what they are talking about. The book doesnt have to have a complete (half assed alpha rate game) I would like the book to show how a game should be layout out, in what order should I do things, also some algorithms on physics and code to go with it. I think you know what I am looking for, I dont care if the book is based on DX because I can either use sdl or dx it will help me in the long run anyway. In the game book this is what I am really looking for -How to layout a game loop the proper way -AI -physics with math algorithm provided -maybe how to make an Isometric game engine -dx is fine, the smaller the intro the more info for other topics. -maybe some good info on how to make tools, map edit and unit edit -topic on scripting so nothing is hard coded and how to implement it, how scripting can be used in a game(implementing it in other words). -GUI and design and how to manipulate windows some basic idea is fine, so I get an understanding of it. -doesnt have to have mplayer topics, and I really dont want it to talk about how to design a level or how to design a game, I can get this info from another source. -also the book explains most/all of these topics very well, so I can understand how it works, and not have to memorize code. If you know of such a book let me know please, I know I wont be able to get all of these topics in one book but, this is just so you have an idea what I am looking for. I am new to the game dev world, but I can learn very fast if something is explained to me well. The only problems that I have is my math, current the highest is algabra 1 and that was coming on a 1 1/2 ago of it being used. Also implementing ideas, getting better with experience though. Also I would rather the book be covered in C++ but C is fine. And if I should go with the C++ route what book is one of those that is the one you would rather sleep with at night then your wife/gf ? Thnx for the help Dalik

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