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Scaled-down Windows Services

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Hi all, Has anyone used Windows scaled-down Service Control Manager for Windows 95/98/ME?? Does it have any extreme short comings from the full Windows Services?? I would use the full Services but that''s only compatible on the Windows NT OS''s. thanks. -Phil

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Is your boss still pushing that idea? You might consider reformatting Black Viper's list of services and what they do and present that to your boss to show him services shouldn't be taken lightly. Of course, you should phrase it more diplomatically than that etc.

That said, there might be other approaches to take to achieve the same ends. Basically you want to receive notification when an internet connection is established, yes? To that end you might want to just write and ordinary user mode program that doesn't show a window but that launches a dll to hook the relevant api's - ras, maybe tapi, maybe wininet. You might find a visit to sysinternals.com to be informative too.

// EDIT:

Another thing to note about services - this is specific to NT - they run regardless of whomever is logged on and even when no one is logged on. (see How do I get my program to start even if a user is not logged on?). What that means is that Susan might get asked if she wants to upload John's high scores.

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