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3D basics

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Hi, I decided that I wanted to start playing around with 3D graphics, you know, play around with a couple of API's...Direct3D and OpenGL. However, I figured out I really don't know what they hell is going on when dealing with 3D. 2D, I can handle well enough to keep me happy, but I am having a tough time with 3D. So, I have hit the resources on gamedev and on flipcode trying to understand it all. Needless to say, I am still new to all this ... In attempt to understand as much as I can, I have tried putting together a little program that will let me "tinker" with some 3d concepts without the benefit of hardware acceleration...this is pure software (GDI). I don't want to worry about learning more than I have to at this point. The first incarnation of this program is just trying to get "something" on the screen..a polygon built from 2 triangles. I am trying to use perspective projection to render points and lines before moving on to transformations such as translation, rotation, and, I do scale my "polygon" ..I forgot. Anyways...I would appreciate any input regarding what I am doing right/wrong if you guys have the time or inclination. sample source Thanks!

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