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hey, does anybody have a clue about what this REALLY means? like, what types of errors this is caused by and how to fix it? (vc++ 6.0) i know it''s a linker error, but i''ve always been a poor file organizer, so maybe somebody can tell me how to arrange these headers and source code to prevent this goddam error. a2k

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Guest Anonymous Poster
''Unresolved external errors'' are caused by the fact that the linker can''t find certain functions/variables. This can be caused by a couple of things, though... Missing libraries are the most common, I think. Some more specific information is required to fix your case.

A good arrangement for header and source files is to put declarations of objects (extern object declarations, (inline) function declarations, class/struct declarations, variable declarations) in the header files, and actual definitions in the source files.

// --- test.h
typedef unsigned char uchar;
const uchar INLINE = 128;
extern uchar extVar;
int foo(uchar);
class A
void bar();
void foo() { ... }

// --- test.cpp
#include <test.h>

extVar = ''a'';

{ ... }

foo(uchar t)
{ ... }
{ .. }


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