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Small RPG Game

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I created a small RPG earlier this year that I was intending to self-publish through websites like Handango, etc. I have to put some finishing touches on the game, but in the meantime, I thought I would post it here for you to take a look at. The game is intended for the iPaq, but for testers, I put it in a Win32/GDI test harness that runs well under NT, XP, and 2K. I just put in a fix that *might* make it work under Win 98/ME (I have not tested it with the most recent build). I am putting my beta EVALUATION version of it up for you to look at. I call it EVALUATION because this EXE is timelocked to stop working 28 days after the compile date (in the about window). The registration code is also not in this EXE either. The game is playable through to completion and roughly balanced (I think). I consider it a tribute to classic RPG style games of the mid eighties that helped to shape my interest in computing. I believe it is virus free, but I have not checked my development machine against the most recent virus databases. http://www.seismicstudios.net/poa/ Feedback on the game is welcome!

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The graphics are very emm... simple. And the screen was tiny, probabbly because of my big screen resolution.
However, the game was quite fun to play... until I was slain by a bear.

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Ditto the previous poster (The C modest god)... largely. I was slain by a rat, and it was never quite obvious how to fight (I figured out that I simply needed to move towards the enemy, right?) or when and how much damage I was taking.

I think the intro could also use some work. I understand that it wasn''t meant for Win32-PC, but I think some form of text/image replace would work better than simply creating a new window/panel. More intuitive control labels would also be a good idea - Previous/Next/Skip rather than generic OK/Cancel (though again, it''s possible that it would be rendered differently on the iPaq).

Other than that I think it was very well done. The graphics, though small at PC resolutions, were clear, detailed and entertaining, and the premise is well-delivered. Good job.

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Thanks for your reviews!

I am putting together an 800x600 version of the application and waiting for some artwork at the moment.

As far as the dialogs go, I agree that I made a slight mistake in the way it was done. The game pops up new modal dialogs for some of the screens, which takes advantage of WinCE to create a new window for each of those screens on the iPaq.

Because I am redoing the application in directX, it will not create new modal dialogs each time, but instead it will set a top level game state, and display the contents as you suggest. I isolated most of this code already, so it will not be too hard to revamp.

In terms of the game mechanics, Right now you do need to keep running into the creature beside you in order to actively attack.

I am going to modify this to do a proximity check.

Since it sounds like you were slain by bears and rats, I am guessing that you didn''t progress far enough into the game to notice the levels have different backdrops and creatures?

As well, as you progress in the game, better gear is available in stores, and there are magic items that can be found later in the game.

Creatures also get tougher... There are base creature types: Snake, Spider, etc, and as the levels are opened up, they gain descriptors that add special damage types to them.

For example, a Foul Spider does poison damage. A Frost Spider does cold damage. Dire Snakes and Dread snakes do combinations of different types of damage.

If you have appropriate defense magic items (Frost Helms, Vile Shields) you take less damage from these attacks.

I think I will repost the test version here again once it has updated artwork, plus the changes that come from your feedback.

I appreciate your comments, you are helping me to revive some passion for a project I had to put on the shelf in favor of some paying game development work over the summer!

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I''ve been playing this for quite a while now and I can''t
seem to stop.
The graphics are simple and it could use some animated sprites.
A great little game to run in the background while at work :-)
Nice sounds too.
Good work Rapaxus.


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