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Math ?

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Hey. I''m a begginer in programmation And I''d like to know what basic math skills is exactly needed in 2D game programming ? 3D ? And physics, why do yuo need some ? Please specify the subject and all so I can do some precise learning :D Thank you. -Dark_psi

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Vectors-Movement, positions, collisions, etc
Vector Rasterization-Rendering any type of vector-shaped objects
General Physics
Pool Table physics-Realistic Bouncing/Colliding
Collision Detection Techniques-Obvious


Vectors-Almost all objects today are created from vectors
Ray Tracing-Collisions and Rendering
Quaternions-Character Animation
3D Collision Detection Techniques-Obvious
Geometric and Polygonal Techniques-Polygon sorting and culling and optomizing
Spherical Physics-Collisions and stuff
Planes-Frustrum culling, collisions, etc.
General Physics
Pool Table Physics

That''s what I''ve learned and it''s worked so far. Maybe some people can add to that list. Mathematics for 3d game programmers and computer graphics is an aweseome book that covers all of the 3D topics listed above. For the 2D topics, Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus does a good job explaining it all but maybe you can find it elsewhere.

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Wow.That''s a long list , don''t add don''t add ! lol Thank you rapid for those indications , I can stop wasting my time learning the wrong stuffs


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