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I''ve just thought of a top of the head game idea that maybe I can expand upon. No, I haven''t invested much time in coming up with this idea but maybe it can get somewhere. The idea may or may not be original. Well anyways, it''s a MMORPG (I''m sure everyone is exhausted by the amount of Massively Multiplayer games pitched out there) but it is sort of a new kind of genre. In this game you are able to pick from a race of dino...(keep in mind that this is only a draft of the game idea) you are able to react with other dinosaurs and have a large amount of behavior commands in gameplay - like hunting, nest, and breeding. Of course the breeding wouldn''t be shown or then it''d be the first A rated game on the shelf. Virtually there would be no rules, since in the time of Dinosaur reign there weren''t many enforced rules. It is basically a survival game...like maybe you could fight to the death to claim a piece of land for yourself and breed other dinosaurs or create herds or packs as a type of security for your land. Dinosaurs could actually be broken up into different classes like Guard, Hunter, Sentinel, etc. There would also be a hierarchy if others made it this way. Even governments could be created in some form. The communication part I haven''t really thought of...I think chat filters would sort of give away the realism. Well tell me what you think so far. Add any comments that are appropriate to the topic. I definitely can get much more detailed than this but before I procede...is this idea off to an ok start?

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I like the idea,but why not just make it an adventure game or something (basically a game you could take this idea and finish).

That way you could always add the online aspect later (maybe battle lands or something).

Well anyhow, good luck!


Liquid Moon Team

Project X2

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