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OpenGL OpenGL or DirectX

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Or should I ask this question in those individual forums? I'm sure someone has asked this many times, but I can't find any threads about it. DirectX is becoming very limited with 2D graphics (hell, I guess it always was limited). I write everything in C/C++, and know pretty much nothing of ASM, so I must write my own functions to do cool effects like alpha blending and such. Even though my drawing code is pretty fast, I get low frame rates above anything other than 320x240. I can run my games in 800x600, but only modifying 320x240 pixels in the center, and my framerate goes from 150 fps to less than 11 (I have a Devil Monster II (64mb)). Anyway, is OpenGL a solution to 2D in Windows? I've always viewed it as a 3D library, but I've seen many people talking about writing 2D games with it. Thanks for any response, Jiia [edited by - Jiia on August 29, 2002 12:58:28 AM]

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This will answer all your questions.

From the Lounge FAQ,
There are usually topics that need to be crushed due to peoples desire to personally flame others for their beliefs or opinions. The threads that I will always be on the lookout for include the following:
*3D APIs comparison threads

From the OpenGL FAQ,
Flame wars about which API is better "OpenGL vs. DirectX" could probably go here, but I have seen sooooo many posts about it, I will most likely go crazy if I saw another one... Plus, the answer is obvious, OpenGL all the way (j/k I mean, I use DirectX, even D3D, quite a bit).

That ^^^ is why this is being closed. Keep at it, though.


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