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does this seem fun?

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Sound good to me, its one of those games you could challenge you neighbour in and play for a couple of hours at a time i guess.


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Sounds like Subspace.
Duh... It''s exactly the same as Subspace.

Except it''s in 3d. Good project tough.

Oooh, you found the horadric cube!

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thanks for the replies.

Da cobra: true, I''ll expand on it soon. Only thing is, the game is nearing alpha quality (should have made the doc sooner I guess)

JohanK: I sure hope so!

Shadowdancer: something like it. I''ve been thinking about adding asteroids though, as hazards. Then it''ll be like asteroids WITH asteroids

Coincoin: I did have Subspace in the back of my mind when I made it. But as far as I remember Subspace was always in a maze. And this game will definately not be! You should have the idea that you''re in a galaxy. I was also thinking of micromachines but then in space (I sure hope I can get the same funfactor in it).

keep ''em coming.

I hope to have a two-players on one computer version ready to test by friday, so I''ll post it then.

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I remember a game called "Stardust" or something, it was a kind of MP Asteroids too... 2D though.
Main difference from your game to asteroids is that you have an area that is larger than one screen (if i understand it right), so you don''t always see the other player.
Sounds like REAL fun. Put a lot of funny weapons and extras and stuff in, so it gets a kind of "Chaos" feeling ... I like such stuff very much :-)

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I did a project very similar to yours. It was a 3D multiplayer, space shooter thingy. We wrote it in java (that was our requirement) using the java3D package. It actually ran quite fast, although if you stuck the game window in a Jframe or something it slowed down a LOT. The framerates were still acceptable. And yes, we were thinking of subspace too.
The 3D''ness adds so much dimension to a game like this (and makes it easier for programmers with no art skills whatsoever).


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hi all,

the game has reached a pimpable state, so here I am pimping it.

You have two weapons (laser and bomb), if a player dies, he leaves behind a powerup (speed, health or bomb replenishment).

This is definately a WIP, but I'd really like comments at this stage.

The game is and will be very open, so players can easily add new ships to the game (I've always dreamed of a 3d space shooter which is easy to customize, and this is my own small start on it). It will be internet based, but I might try and put some AI in it if there are people who want it. There will be classes in the next version, also very easily adjustable, and maybe a HUD to choose ships. Am aiming for two weeks for the next version.

hope you have fun with it.

Known issues:
- collision detection is not accurate yet
- the ship doesn't directly respond to controls, and this will be changed.

and here's the link Innersphere site

[edited by - rick_appleton on September 14, 2002 10:28:00 AM]

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