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Normal Mapping And The Future...

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I''m aware that there is 2 ways of doing this 1. Normal mapping information from a high-res model onto a low-res polygon ''game'' model. 2. as above - but the actual normal information is used as displacement too. ok, now some questions : - 1. How long will this likely be around, 2 years maybe? 2. If I was to start putting together ideas / concept artwork for a game for the ''next-gen'' consoles, would it be useful to utilise normal mapping, or would it be a pointless exercise as the next-gen consoles will have so much power that the high-res meshes normally created to make the normal maps would in fact be what was used ingame anyway? 3. What would people like to see the next-gen consoles capable of, or what would you expect to see? TIA

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