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Ok (smaller) new problem.

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All right, I''m past my 100+ errors and I got at least one prject to work. But now I was looking at MFCFog and I tried to compile it and I suddenly get this error: fog.cpp c:\mssdk\samples\multimedia\d3dim\src\mfcfog\d3dapp.h(18) : fatal error C1189: #error : include ''stdafx.h'' before including this file Everything after and including #error is actually in the code, as if someone was making a note but forgot to comment it out or something. If I comment out the line, it gives me other errors like: c:\mssdk\samples\multimedia\d3dim\src\mfcfog\d3dapp.h(31) : error C2504: ''CWinApp'' : base class undefined c:\mssdk\samples\multimedia\d3dim\src\mfcfog\d3dapp.h(36) : error C2146: syntax error : missing '';'' before identifier ''InitInstance'' c:\mssdk\samples\multimedia\d3dim\src\mfcfog\d3dapp.h(36) : error C2433: ''BOOL'' : ''virtual'' not permitted on data declarations c:\mssdk\samples\multimedia\d3dim\src\mfcfog\d3dapp.h(36) : error C2501: ''BOOL'' : missing storage-class or type specifiers c:\mssdk\samples\multimedia\d3dim\src\mfcfog\d3dapp.h(68) : error C2143: syntax error : missing '';'' before ''*'' c:\mssdk\samples\multimedia\d3dim\src\mfcfog\d3dapp.h(56) : error C2143: syntax error : missing '';'' before ''}'' I try including stdafx.h all over the place but it still gives me those types of errors all over the place. Anyone have any ideas? (btw, running VC++ 6.0 on Win98) thanks, -shpook

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