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milkshape with textures???

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I know nehe has a tut on it but it i dont like how it is in like 5 different files.... anyway.... im useing the source from the nehe game model loader.... here is the code
typedef struct MS3D_HEADER_TYP
   	char id[10];
	int  version;

typedef struct MS3D_VERTEX_TYP
	unsigned char flags;
	unsigned char refCount;
	char boneID;
	float vertex[3];

typedef struct MS3D_TRIANGLE_TYP
	unsigned short flags;
	unsigned short vertexIndices[3];
	float vertexNormals[3][3];
	float u[3];
	float v[3];
	unsigned char smoothingGroup;
	unsigned char groupIndex;

typedef struct MS3D_GROUP_TYP
   	unsigned char	flags;
   	char name[32];
   	unsigned short	numTriangles;
	unsigned short*	triangleIndices;
	char materialIndex;

class MS3D
		unsigned short	numVertices;
		MS3D_VERTEX*	vertices;
		unsigned short	numTriangles;
		MS3D_TRIANGLE*	triangles;
		unsigned short	numGroups;
		MS3D_GROUP*	groups;

	bool Load(char* filename);
	void Render(void);

	{	}

			delete vertices;		
			delete triangles;
			delete groups;

bool MS3D::
	Load(char* filename)
	FILE* file;
	MS3D_HEADER header;
	int loop;
    if((file= fopen(filename, "rb"))==NULL)
	   return false;
    fread(&header.id, sizeof(char), 10, file);
    fread(&header.version, 1, sizeof(int), file);
    fread(&numVertices, sizeof(unsigned short), 1, file);
    vertices= new MS3D_VERTEX [numVertices];
    for(loop=0; loopvertexIndices[loop3];

					glNormal3fv( tri->vertexNormals[loop3]);
					glTexCoord2f(tri->u[loop3], tri->v[loop3]);

can someone please help me get it to render the textures???? thanks a lot!

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u wanna use multiple textures? if so, u could bind textures before rendering the next group, but then u have to know what texture that group gets....
i''ve recently bought ms but i don''t know how to get the texture info either. i''m just binding the textures when i write the loader..

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