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Game Artist Studio FINALLY released!

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unFun Games, creators of such online games as First Star Online and Sector 13 introduce The Game Artist Studio, a professional painting program created specifically with game art in mind. The G.A.S contains dozens of incredible textured brushes for you to create 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, or 96x96 tiles in, as well as the usual set of primitives. Also included is the Tile Color Demon plugin, which gives you a wide array of color control of your tiles. The Animation Studio is BUILT-IN, giving you an unlimited number of frames to test your tile''s animation in. Go to the website @ http://www.kidmandevil.com/fso/gas to download a copy of the Game Artist Studio NOW! You''ll be creating professional-quality tiles quickly and easily. It''s the first and last name in tile art.

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Hey tbat looks like a neat application. I know the guys on #gameart on efnet will love this!

#include a_insomniac.h

//"...if it aint D3D it aint me"

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Personally, I found it awkward to use, and the per-session expiry time was irritating. (Which makes this claim, ''The Game Artist Studio is free to try for an unlimited amount of time'', somewhat misleading.) It wouldn''t be so bad if it wasn''t for the hyperbole on the site claiming that I would never need Photoshop again or whatever.

Since the user is expected to learn the tools in a short period of time, it would be a lot better if there was some decent documentation.

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given proper documentation and maybe a few detailed tutorials, i''d
gladly pay for it.. but as it is now, it''d make good shareware.
its a powerful program indeed, but unfortunately i can''t afford
to spend alot of time trying to figure out how to do things with
a new application after i''ve bought it.
but with shareware, beggers cant be choosers, right?
anyway, get some more docs and a few tuts and i think you''ll increase
your sales quite a bit.
possibly even make one or two of the tutorials availible for free
on your site so the people playing with the demo can see how
great it is.

;another space monkey;
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