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C++ Window Tutorials - www.subduck.com

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Hi everyone, I have created a c++ programming site at: www.subduck.com It''s a great site that has a lot of c++ window programming tutorials as well as console tutorials. It has a nice message board too. Please tell me what you think Sincerely, Subduck

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Good luck with your site.

Some criticisms on the CS161 final... none of it is your fault, but well, C++ still isn''t taught properly nowadays

1c - You can write to a file via cout, all it takes is to reassign the internal buffer. cout.rdbuf().swap( ofs.rdbuf() );, where ofs is an output file stream.

1d - See above, using standard IO is preferred to explicit files when writing shell programs that can act as filters. Stream redirection can occur on the command line.

3 - just rely on static initialisation : float c[101] = { 0.0 }; the 100 other values will be zeroed by default.

6 - <iostream.h> is deprecated (note though, that when using it, cout = ofstream( "outfile" ); is usually valid code... letting you write to a file using cout, cf question 1c).

12 - The function exists std::accumulate( values, values+count, 0.0 ) in <algorithm>

13 - The function exists std::equal( array_1, array_1+size_1, array_2, array_2+size_2 ); in <algorithm>

You may want to discuss these points during you CS162 class

Documents [ GDNet | MSDN | STL | OpenGL | Formats | RTFM | Asking Smart Questions ]
C++ Stuff [ MinGW | Loki | SDL | Boost. | STLport | FLTK | ACCU Recommended Books ]

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