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Graphics FX, in general, how?

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(I had some ideas for a game and realized that while I am quite confident I can get the programming and graphics done there was one thing I was curious about, is how do they do special effects in 2d, I dont mean the 3d accelerated effects in 2d, but the 2d spell like effects in games like Icewind dale or something. I guess more specific my quesiton is, is the graphics usually just sprites of various effects in which they act more like particles than typical sprites... when I think particles I think small blobs of usually pixels , but I noticed some spell effects have glowing spheres flying around etc... Sorry that this question might sound silly, I dont know how to best word it, just I am curious is how one goes about doing such art work as a .bmp ( or whatever your format) and then getting it into a game to animate and such.... Like supposed I want to do a spark effect, id make my sprite that animates a spark, and then load it and clone it many times and have it behave like a particle system with an emiter and the whole shebang...is that the right thinking or is it done totally different? Woo okay if any one can even begin to give me pointers and ideas, id be greatly appreciated. Thanks, sorry for such the long winded and possibly stupid question, but I was insanley curious. -Shane

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Basically you''ll probably want to manipulate the memory directly when doing such low-level effects, as the overhead with doing a DD blit is probably too large. So what you''d do is, for example, double the intensity of all pixels affected by a particle, which should be pretty fast. The exact details will obviously depend on your specific needs.

- JQ
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