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A few questions

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1. timeGetTime(), How do I use it??? I want to use it to make a game timer but I recieve undeclared identifier errors when I compile 2. How would probability work in C++? For example if I wanted there to be a 30% chance of something happening or not.

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timeGetTime() i think you get if you #include <windows.h>. I think many will argue that there are better timers than this one, though.

For probability you could use something like this:

if((rand() % 100) <= 30) ThenDoThis();

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timeGetTime is actually not a bad method if you don''t mind EXE size. You''ll need to include mmsystem.h and then link winmm.lib

There are dozens of threads on random numbers. A cheap way to do a 30% chance requires you to include stdlib.h and time.h and then use this code:

//call this once at the outset of your program:
srand(time(0)); // I think this''ll work. Lemme know if it doesn''t.

//execute this each time you need a chance:
bool WillHappen = (rand()/(double)RAND_MAX) <= 0.3;


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