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CRASH! when removing last element in vector

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My goal was to write a simple space shooter game in a couple of days. Well after about an hour or so of programming, I tested my code and found an ugly bug. I''m storing all bullets in a vector, and everything works fine until I remove the last bullet from the vector, which causes my game to crash. Here''s my code for adding a bullet:
bullet->v_pos.x = player->v_pos.x + player->size_x / 2;
bullet->v_pos.y = player->v_pos.y + player->size_y / 2;
bullet->v_pos.z = player->v_pos.z - player->size_z;
bullet->alive = true;
bullet->v_vel.y = 1;
and here is my code for loopinh through the vector, updating bullets and checking for collision:
// traverse list of enemies

for(list<CEnemy>::iterator e_it = EnemyList.begin(); e_it != EnemyList.end(); e_it++) {

// traverse list of bullets

for(list<CBullet>::iterator b_it = BulletList.begin(); b_it != BulletList.end(); ++b_it) {

//if bullet is alive, check for collision

if(b_it->alive) {
// check for collision between bullet and enemy

if(Collision(b_it, e_it)) {
// reset enemy

// kill bullet

b_it->alive = false;
// add score	

score += 3;
if(b_it->alive == false) {
// remove from list

b_it = BulletList.erase(b_it);
else { // remove from list

b_it = BulletList.erase(b_it);

thanks for your suggestions...

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1. that''s not a vector, that''s a list, though they are interchangeable the way you are using them (very good)

2. The alive field seems to be complicating things, I would consider removing it and simply having only live bullets in your list at any time.

3. When you erase the last element you end up with b_it == end(), the for loop then calls ++b_it, a no-no. This is probably your bug.

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hey thanks for the reply.

lol sorry bout the mistake in my wording, the code had been sitting idle for so long on my hard drive that i forgot whether i used a vector or list (i obviously forgot to read my code when i posted).

and yea i ran it through the gdb debugger and it is crashing when calling ++b_it in the for loop. i''ll make some changes and get back. thanks for the advice.

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