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How does ScrollWindow work? I need to know because I need to know how to find the original position the scrollbar was in. Here's what I need. The window starts off at a certain position. The scrollbar represents the offset to the right of the original position (left of the original position is never needed). The question is, how do I reset the original position? Sorry if its a bit confusing but i don't know how to clear it up without giving you the code, which is quite large right now since the project is far along and there are a lot of confusing things i added just temporarily for debugging purposes. PS: Is there a function that sets the internal scroll position in relation to some absolute thing? If you want an idea of how I want my program to work, simply look at the VB form editor screen when the form is larger than the screen. [edited by - vlovich on September 2, 2002 4:40:04 PM]

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