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I''ve been messing with soe networking stuff using version 1.1 of Winsock in windows. I encountered a problem though. on the server end of things, I use overlapped I/O for handling everything in a seperate thread. when I create the connection, the socket connected to the client sets up the events like this:
WSAAsyncSelect(user->com, server->hwnd, CONNECTION_IO_READY, FD_READ|FD_CLOSE);

WSAEventSelect(user->com, server->events[server->events_inuse-1], FD_READ|FD_CLOSE);
and then I use WSAWaitForMultipleEvents with the list of events and everything to detect any thing happening. The server will detect when I send information to the server and I can do whatever. But when I close the connection from the client end of things, I never get a FD_CLOSE message...any ideas? Thanks --Andrew

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