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Messing with 3dsmax. The basics of animating?

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Okay, I am working on a little splash screen for my company and I need some help with the animating of it. I made some text in 3ds and made an omni light that glows green. it flys accross the screen quite fast (I will slow it down later) To help you guys understand, I have posted the video Here Here is a list of things I need some help with. 1. I dont want the text to be seen until the light can be seen on the screen (light a flashlight in a dark room). 2. I want the light to glow, but I want the text to be affected too. 3. Having some sort of fog at the bottom would be very cool. I would want the fog to just kinda float around at the bottom of the text. Will any of this require any MAXscripting? PS: Let me know if any of you guys have some cool ideas for the splash type into.

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1: use a spot light not an omni, you can soften the edges by overshotting the cone
2: Lens efects its in environment settings, glow is probably all you will need it attaches to the light you may have to create a secound spot light and aim out toward the cammera to get the efect to work right not sure haven''t tried one with a spot light yet
3: use volume fog also in the environment settings and a box gizmo to attach the fog to

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