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OpenGL Rendering models with textures in OpenGL

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This may be a bit of a noobie question so please bare with me. I recently purchased MilkShape 3D and I must say it''s a kick ass program, but that''s a topic for another discussion. I have been creating my models in MilkShape and texturing them and importing them to my OpenGL scene via a file importer that I downloaded (I had to fix the texture mapping routine in the source that I downloaded but again this is irrelevant to my question). The problem arises that when I finally import the model and render it in my OpenGL scene and apply simple "dynamic rotations" to it via the keyboard - I notice that the model (I tried it without any textures too and same problems were occuring) becomes "flaky" at certain sections (especially ones where primitives were welded together or attached together). I imported some really nice models that people made in MilkShape and they weren''t as flaky as mine, but they were still a bit flaky at certain places... I am basically wondering if any of you encountered similiar situations when rendering semi-complex models in OpenGL and manipulating them. Is it my OpenGL set-up, is it the complexity of the model, is it not properly modelled in MilkShape? Peace.

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