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Are display lists slower in this case?

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I''m currently writing a visualization plug-in for Winamp...thanks to the incrediable tutorials on this site. I''m trying to optimize my code to run faster. The basic idea is that I have to draw about 2880 "squares" each frame that are each texture mapped (all have the same texture). These squares are not part of one connected model. My question is whether or not a display list with a precompiled textured square is faster. If I used display lists that means I would have call glTranslate 2880 times each frame to put the squares in place. Is glTranslate less expensive then making a square out of GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP? btw, I think a OpenGL optimization tutorial would also be interesting...it''s a vague topic but some direction would really help us newbies. thanks, Mike

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I just found this FAQ the other day.


It has helped me a little but I am also having some issues with optimizing OpenGL. I was under the impression the glBindTexture would improve the performance of an app that is using textures in OpenGL but I found it to be the opposite on each test machine.

I am working on a sky cube, although it does not necessarily have to be a cube, and the drawing times are miserable when a texture is applied. If anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated.

My program needs to run on 95/98/NT4 and 2000. The performance in 95/98 is acceptable with a good card and decent drivers but it is SLOW in NT4 and 2000.


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