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programming for consoles

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I''m wondering if C/C++ can be used to write games for console systems. Also, how do you get the program from the computer to the cartridge.

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Yes, you can use C/C++ on consoles. (I do.) No real reason you couldn't, as long as you're careful in how you use it. Consoles typically have limited resources and you can't waste any of it.

Getting the program to the console usually involves custom hardware that tends to be expensive. For the N64, I use a custom cartridge with a cable routed to the computer. The N64 thinks it has a standard cartridge, but the computer actually controls what the cartridge tells the console.

But as I said, tends to be quite expensive, so most mortals can't get one. (You generally have to be an approved developer anyway.)

Your best luck, if you want to write console games and don't work for a game company, is to try and find a PSX Yarouze kit that someone no longer wants. The Yarouze is a PSX that costs twice as much as a standard PSX but lets you write code for it easily.

(Sony doesn't sell them anymore, although there are rumors that Sony will start the Yarouze program again for the PSX2, maybe a year after the initial release.)

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hi everyone,

yeah, I heard about this, I know there is a psx compiler for linux, it''s basically a psx extension for gcc. Erm, whats it called, (checking favourites for it now...)


(swap the / for normal http forward slashes)

thats a compiler for linux, but I also heard that you can link up the playstation and the pc through it''s serial port, although I dont know anymore about that. But I suppose using that compiler, you can create psx exe''s then, if you knew how to burn a psx cd, you could write your demo to that and just stick it in the psx (prob wanna use rewritable cd''s for that eh..)

Also, on top of that, I heard that you can program dreamcast as well, similar method, does anyone know this to be true ? come on people, someone should know

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