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a mentor

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Ok i know this may seem lame, and you going to laugh at me, and make fun of me, and maybe even throw something at me, but... I am looking for a mentor in the game programming business. someone who can help walk me through grapling concepts for OpenGL, Direct X and general Advanced geometry. I know there are millions of tutorials out there, but tutorials and books can only do so much. I have specific questions about topics, and concepts, and would love to interaction with a human being on this. There arent any schools around where i live that teach this stuff. high school was too long ago to remember most of the stuff. and the only technical school that is game based is in florida < that i know of, call full sail>. I am VERY interested in learning, and maybe making a place in the high competition of the gaming world. If anyone is interested, or feels pity on me to coach me, email me at dstrohschein@hotmail.com or dan@pjcc.com. or you can always replay to this post. and thanks in advance guys. The Code is a Living breathing entity, and will move in accordance with you, therefore, be one with the Tao of the Code..

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Learning is fun, implementation is rewarding, sharing is divine!

I''d would have no problems with sharing my knowledge with someone who is willing to learn. The worse thing in the world is trying to teach the unworthy or the unwilling!

Email me.



Check out my project at: www.btinternet.com/~Matthew.Bennett

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Hey cxi,

You got yourself perfect human interaction here right on the gamedev boards. Try to learn on your own, it may seem hard, but your hard work is always rewarded. If you have any specific questions feel free to post it here. Email me if you want any help with anything. Check my profile.


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