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And yet another PRJ site update!

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Ive posted another update now you can Read The Alien manual for Dark apocalypse, check it out! http://www5.ewebcity.com/prjoinproject/walk2.asp Theres still somethings missing Alien weapons. Critters, Human Vehicles. Ill try to update all that today and post it by tomorrow, so we can discuss about it, monday here sundays are my free days! Meanwhile, Read the Alien Manual, Warning Im Trying to play with your mind there, lots of evil use and then give you a very unexpected ending. actually 2. As an alien you push the humans towards their destruction (the apocalypse), you leave no survivors, you take no prisoners and you have no mercy whatsoever, aliens use stealth as a natural defence and to trap their pray into a slaughter. then they conceive a plan to wipe them all once and for good. In my original idea, aliens are a bit more humanoid (x-files look style), they control their beasts with amazing psychic powers and can be very dangerous on their own. However in the history I make them to act more "Insectoid" and savage like the concept in Darrins drawings, I think we can mix them both and get a good believable and interesting result. Read on, and enjoy!

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I agree with Voodoo, Storys Rock.
Just finishing off some 1st draft meshes for you guys to check out.
Will also include some old meshes of mine. The Human ones are segmented, not textured, but should give a good basis for both male & female models.
The alien meshes may look slightly different than the sketches, mainly in the number of legs etc.
Also will include some weapons, textured pretty crappily, but the more the merrier.

I also had some ideas for the alien weapons.
Make them Organic (Parasitic), they attach themselves to the host & can telepathically sense if the host fears he is in danger, their response is to protect the host at all costs, for without the host they die within 2 hours.
Different Critters have different methods of protection. ie sheilds, attack etc etc.


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