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Help with NetPong

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Hi, I''m currently making a simple version of Pong that can be played online. What I need help with are some design matters.. first the program determines at initialization if it is a host or a client. Any idea on how to code the rest depending on if it is a host or not? I thought of something like "if(isHost) do_host_stuff(); else do_client_stuff();" but it will get pretty messy after a while. So do you have any tip on how to do it smoother? And the other thing is how should I send information between client and host. The host performs movement, collision detection and such, and the client just draws and collects input. I thought of having the client send CLIENT_UP messages to the host (when the UP key is being pressed), which then takes appropriate action. But how should I inform the client that the movement was ok? Should I send back the new position? I also thought of having a message handler (sort of) which looks for an incoming message, sends it to the handler which might look like this: void NetMessageHandler(MESSAGE msg) { if(msg == CLIENT_UP) client.moveup(); // if it sends a position it could be like this if(msg == CLIENT_POSITION) client.position(received_info); } About the client position part I thought of having each message starting with an integer that describes the message. And if it is for example CLIENT_POSITION then the package should include 3 floats describing the position. Do you understand what I mean? Like having a flag in the start of the package that tells what to receive. Is this a good idea? How did you do it? Thanks alot, this is really bugging me!

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