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3d art ideas

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hello i am looking for possible ideas sketches or drawings that i could possibly use to practice working on improving my 3d skills. i will admit i am not very good at creating biped creatures. and i am trying to get all the practice i can. unfortunatly my job in the army does limit my time to do 3d work. oh well if you have any art our picks you wouldnt mind me using i would be greatly appriceated pardon the spelling if incorrect.

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Original post by dog135

You can use any of mine as long as you don''t sell the renderings of them.

Here it is

E:cb woof!

if possible do you think you could get me a side and front profile of the wolf with the energy ball
i would then be able to create a decent model of it. i will not be able to create it perfectly but i should be able to get close. i am not any good with textures but if i get it done i will send it to you


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