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best way to start

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O.K i want to start programming. I would like to learn with both games and apps and i was just wondering how would be the best the way to start off? e.g. straight to c++ tutorials or something more basic first? i am 16 and havn't got much programming knowledge at the moment, but i have computer skilz oh i have windows xp aswell. I know it probally doesn't go down well with you guys but, hey [edited by - Agre55or on September 9, 2002 1:01:44 AM]

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I would go for straight C++. Its not the simplest way, but you''ll learn a lot. There are other paths, some simpler than others, but C++ is not a hard language to learn. Once you learn the basics, which is what games utilize the most, there are many more advanced options you can learn which are more useful for designing applications.

When learning the languange, try to look for several different tutorials. There can be some confusing parts, and its best to have a few different teachers in case you get stuck on one part. Also, this forum is full of questions from many beginners, and answers from the more advanced programmers who are generous enough to help us out, so you can find many answers by using the search function or by posting you own question.

Adam Sheehan

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Also, once you have learned basic programming (ifs, fors, classes) I would highly suggest the book "OpenGL Game Programming." I found it to be an excellent introduction to game programming.

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i would highly recommend learning as much about c++ as you can
before you start working on games.. you'll absorb so much more
after that, and you'll avoid alot of pitfalls newbies tend to have
when starting a game project..

"when do i know enough c++?" you may ask.
1.) when you've mastered fundamental concepts such as loops,
conditional statements, functions, preprocessor directives, pointers,
structs, and classes... oh and code organization and commenting.
2.) when you've got a firm grip on intermediate concepts such
as inheritance, polymorphism and virtual functions,
3.) when you use std strings instead of character strings!!!!

ps: number 3 is optional, but recommended.

i recommend getting your hands on as many c++ books as you can..
if i were you i'd also try to stick with more modern books which
teach reuse of common libraries such as the STL.

[edit: just so you dont feel overwhelmed, this isnt too hard..
once you figure out how an OOP language works, it's all downhill
from there. i'd imagine you could finish steps 1-3 in less than 6
months ]

;another space monkey;
[ Forced Evolution Studios ]


[edited by - eldee on September 9, 2002 5:51:46 PM]

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