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Compressed terrain -> GPU

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I''ve heard that the amount of data passed to the graphics card makes a big difference to performance. My terrain naturally compresses very well: it''s a grid so the x&y coords are easily derived, I use a 16bit height value and an 8bit lightmap value. So I store at 4bytes per vertex. Expanding to a normal FVF requires 24bytes with what I use, which for a map with millions of points makes a big difference! However on non-shader cards the simple multiplication etc ops to convert to FVF format is a big CPU drain. Can I make my FVF just store say the DIFFUSE colour, which is packed with my custom format? Then I could use a vertex shader to do all this on the GPU, right. The thing is if I did, I''d want to use the vertex shader on non-shader cards in software. Would the shader mean more work gets done, thus slowing things up? I mean on the CPU I can guarantee each vertex gets generated only once but the shader will do it each time it gets the vertex? Index buffers don''t eliminate the problem as I may share a vertex across more than one call to DrawPrimitive. So any advice? I know it''d be faster on shader-equipped cards but they''re so quick anyway! My low-spec is something like a TNT or Voodoo3. Oh one other thing, how do I know where to put V-shader outputs to be used by the default pixel-shader on non-shader cards?
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