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VC++ is giving me the finger

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I have the VC++ Introductory Edition. I am an aspiring game designer/programmer and am trying to practice and hone my game development skills. Unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out how to compile a simple console application that prints one word onto the screen. The help directories are useless* and I do not have an instruction manual (I got it out of the back of LaMothe’s latest book). Any advice on using Microsoft’s demon compiler or suggestions on where to get help is greatly appreciated. I am a competent programmer and imaginative designer but I’m not going to get to far if I can’t compile a “Hello World” program. *The help directories read like a plug for the product. It tells you about all of the features but it rarely shows you how to use them.

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#include iostream.h
//where iostream.h has greater/less than around it, but
//the stupid html code is enabled, and i don't know how
//to do disable it.
void main()
cout << "hello world!" << endl;

that should work in a console app. the thing about lamothe's code ( i think) is that it's code for compiling in a true win 32 application, not win 32 CONSOLE application. i'm not sure if you knew that already or what, but yeah, i hope it helps.


oh, and another thing, get this book:

object-oriented programming in c++ by robert lafore (3rd ed) it's my favorite c++ reference. as regards to graphics programming API, you've gotta read up on all the opengl vs direct x threads before you decide on one.

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A console application just mimics the dos prompt since visual c++ can''t make true dos programs. And the normal i/o functions don''t work for a true windows program. Also a2k I have that book and I agree that it is a very good book on c++. It''s also got a bunch of cool programs that really show you what you can do with the language.

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