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From a Ray to a Texture address

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Hi, Im working on a WipOut-like game. And when a ship gets shooted, I have to draw a bullet hole on its texture but I don''t know how to do that, I don''t know even how to know where in the texture I have to draw. Can anyone help me?!? I''m actually in troubles.

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I cannot think of any tutorials / docs on this sort of thing off the top of my head but you might want to try and do a search for "decals" and "planar projections". These are the things you are effectively looking for and will get you moving in the right direction.


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I would fake it and use a set of secondary textures, or a render target...
When the ship gets shot, render a bullet sprite or whatever to a texture, possibly in the approximate region of the bullet impact point (I think that if it''s a fast-paced wipeout-stylee job, then players really won''t care, or have time to care where EXACTLY the bullet hit, especially if it''s not a major point of the game, but maybe it is..i don''t know..), and then render this new texture on top of the ship.

Either that, or you could set up 7 or 8 textures with progressivly detailed scrape and bullet marks, and just switch them according to the extremety of the damage to the ship.

In the type of game you describe I wouldn''t go into such detail as finding exact plane coordinates and presice hit points, then worry about how to draw a single bullet hole on the ship..

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U and V returned by D3DXIntersect are NOT texture coordinates. They are barycentrics coordinates. You will have to further convert them into texture UV coordinates.

T = T2*Bu + T3*Bv + T1*(1-Bu-Bv)

T is a vector representing the intersection coordinates in UV texture coordinates
T1 is a vector representing the texture coordinate for the first vertex in the face
T2 is the second
T3 is the third
B is a vector representing the barycentric point of intersection
Bu is the U component for barycentric vector
Bv is the V component for barycentric vector

Oooh, you found the horadric cube!

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