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pb of memory

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hi, I have a problem of memory with my program it runs. I use a class Vector2D which overload the operator +. Vector2D Vector2D::operator +(Vector2D aVector2D) { Vector2D* vResult = new Vector2D(); int angle; vResult->x = GetX() + aVector2D.GetX(); vResult->y = GetY() + aVector2D.GetY(); angle= -1; //tan-1(vResult.y/vResult.x); vResult->length=sqrt((double)vResult->x + vResult->y); return(*vResult); } As you can see there is a vector2D variable ( vResult) created which is probably my problem. I can''t delete it because this is the result returned. the problem is in my mind that I create many times a variable with the operator new but I don''t delete it. How can I resolve this problem? thank you!!!!

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why do you dynamically allocate memory for that vector anyway?
Just do Vector2D vresult; vresult.x = ... return vresult.
And another thing: obviously you allow direct access of x and y (vresult->x = ... ) but why do you then use Get() functions?
For something that propably is used often in timecritical situations like a vector you shouldn''t deal with the overhead of Get() functions.
And still one more thing: change your function to
Vector2D Vector2D::operator +(Vector2D &aVector2D) and pass the param by reference so you dont make a temporary copy of that vector

Just my 2 cents

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