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Help netcoding a Strategy

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my team and i are creating a real time strategy.. we dont have a netcoder but one of us is willing to learn how to do this. can someone please tell me a good source for netcode information and programming guides

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Well there isn''t any page that''s gonna tell you "OK. You gotta do it this way, and use this, and that", so you have to figure some things out by yourself.

Since you are making a strategy game, I would suggest using the TCP protocol with the winsock 1.1 API.

There are many winsock TCP server-client tutorials, so you just have to pick your own. If you want a helpful reference, just check msdn (

And finally, it''s not true that using winsock is harder than directplay... And well, the bsd sockets are very common so, you wont have trouble finding help, you could even go on a unix programming channel and they could help you with your winsock code.

To give you an idea of the implementation time, it took me about 4 weeks of messing around to get a stable, working, UDP based network client-server framework, it''s not the best yet, but it does the job fine right now.

Looking for a serious game project?

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