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Hello! I am trying to "convert" a integer to a string so i can print it with TextOut(); However, when i compile, i dont get any errors, but the program terminates imediatly. It runs fine however if i comment the sprintf stuff. This is how im doing it.
// the integer i want to make a string of.

int a_int = 5;

// the charstring.

char *a_char;

// this is how im trying to do it. i have included stdio.h

sprintf(a_char, "%s", a_int);

// this however makes my program terminate, but if i understand the docs right, this is the way to do it! =(

Thanks in advance!

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It seems you don''t allocate any memory for your
temporary string a_char. A pointer without
allocation is useless.

If you don''t need a_char in the rest of your
program, you''d better define a array of char
like this :

int i = 123;
char temp_str[80]; // change 80 with the number of characters you need
sprintf( temps_str, "the INT i want to disPLAY: %i", i);

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