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Open Gl window and interface

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Hi ! I''m new to open GL. I have read the firsts (1-4 maybe) lesson on the web site but I was wondering, how can I create a open gl windows in a form and the open gl doesnt take all the form. I would like to put a open gl windows on the left for example and on the right of the form have some button, ect .. Can it be done easily ? I usually use Visual C++ but I just installed Borland c++ 6 to play with the buttons, frame, etc ! Thanks a lot

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You mean Borland C++ Builder?! :D (We have to be specific dont you know? )

Yeah sure it can be done easily old buddy old pal! Plonk an object on your (default) form which creates its own device context (Such as a picturebox control - damnit look up the 'actual' control to use in the Borland CLX reference manual), then when you're initialising opengl dont attempt to change the screen resolution or do any 'funny' things with your 'window' (It's good to be specific ;D), and there it is. Just attach your opengl rendering context to your controls device context.

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