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Development team looking for help

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Lo all. the team I'm working with at www.chronosthegame.com have reached a bit of a bottle neck. Right now, all of our texture correcting, ie tiling, stretch a texture over multiple polygons, correcting skewed UV's, besides the basic placing and rotating of textures, is done in our object/level editor. This causes quite a problem, as there's currently lots of back and forthing from the editor to 3dsmax and back. If we have to go back, we loose all correction work that has been done on the level, which costs a heck of a lot of time. We're looking for a maxscript/plugin that would allow for worldcraft style texturing in 3dsmax. Does anyone know of/written such a plug? thanks, and sorry if this is in the wrong board. Joe Grant [edited by - Lycosa on September 10, 2002 6:38:44 PM]

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Well, if you have a development team and therfore a tools developer, you could create an intermediate resource manager to manage all of your content.

Check out sparks.discreet.com and the download section. I know for a fact that they have a 3ds file sdk.

You could create an application that can load and convert a file from your intermediary type to the format desired for an editor and back. This is known as a content/resource manager. You could get fancy with it or you could make a simple dialog that would open the source file and save it as something different.

My manager can tell the file type from the extension or the header of teh file, Then I just save with a specific flag and the flag is switched and the fiel is saved in that format.

When writing it, use a singleton Data class that has all of the necessary variables to load and convert files.

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