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Why do it this way?

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I am working from the book Real-Time Rendering Tricks and Techniques in DirectX. In the book the basic framework to set up a window and directx is split into a class and various header and cpp files. Now I am also using M.S''s tutorials and I am working with the first program called CreateDevice.cpp in the SDK. This has all the code in one file. My first question is obviously which way is more easier to understand and learn with, which way is more effecient and in general which way do most people work with. My second query relates to this peice of code, long EnumerateModes (D3DDISPLAYMODE *pModes, long ModeCount); I am thinking this is a function prototype to the function EnumerateModes. I basically do not understand what the point is in working this way. Pk

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I have the same book! Excellent material.

Your question about which way is easier to work with is subjective. See, Kelly has an object orientated approach, which is great for C++ and large system programmers.

For demo purposes, most people want to read a direct, to-the-point example, especially when the example has little documentation behind it.

The book goes into detail about techniques before showing the code that implements them.

In my case, I''m skipping the initialization stuff and simply reading the techniques for specific techniques. I''ve already written my own skeleton for initializing and using the API.

The answer to your question about the function:
long EnumerateModes (D3DDISPLAYMODE *pModes, long ModeCount);

is that *pmodes is a pointer to a structure for the supported modes to be filled with. I believe that the long returned is the count of modes availiable, and the modecount sent is the max modes the structure can hold. But that is a guess.

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