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Da cobra

best way to write a LoadWav() function

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I''m wondering if this is the right way to write a function to load a wav? a class with member functions LoadWav() & PlayWav() and then for every sound : classname wave1 ; classname wave2 ; wave1.loadwav(...) ; wave2.loadwav(...) ; wave1.playwav() ; wave2.playwav() ; any tips/suggestions will be appreciated

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What I tend to do when handling multiple wavs, or just resources in general is to create a soundmanger class that holds an array (or an stl::map) of all the sounds. By mapping I can assiocate a number or a string or whatever to the sound file.

so for example basic syntax would be :

CSoundManger MySounds;
//the MapKey would be how I keep track of the sound to access it again. the data would be a sound already loaded, or better yet just a filename so the addwave() function would load the sound for me.Then:

//This function would search through the map listing and find the entry matching MapKey and play that sound.

The reason I do this instead of having instead each class hold it''s own sounds, is because the sounds are centeralized in one class, so I don''t duplicate code. Also init and deinit is easy. And checking for errors would be simplier.

Hope this helps:

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I have:

DWORD Sound;

Sound = Audio()->LoadSound("file.wav");

Audio()->PlaySound( Sound );

And in Audio''s destructor everything is released from memory


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instead of stl maps i used stl vectors, then i just make an enum listing on top of my code and use this enums to identity which song on my stl vector array i need.

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