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Y Axis in orthogonal projection

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I have a primarly 2-D project that I am upgrading to use DirectX8. Per many suggestions here I am using textured quads and an orthogonal projection to achieve my goal. I have found that by default (0,0) is in the lower left corner of the screen rather than the upper left. This makes perfect sense since that is how cartesian coordinates work, but I have soooo much code using the traditional GDI-style coordinates. Is there any command that will change DX''s coordinate system? I have looked at left-handed vs. right-handed, but this only seems to change the Z axis. Thanks, LEJ

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Just change your projection matrix so that it:

1) negates Y so that for say 0 to 480 (bottom to top) you get 0 to -480

2) adds the height (e.g. 480) back onto Y so that your 0 to -480 ends up as 480 to 0 (i.e. upside down for 3D, but what you''re after for 2D)

How to do this depends on how your ortho projection matrix is set up, but you can try the following after you''ve made the projection matrix:

matrix._22 = -matrix._22; // negate Y
matrix._42 = matrix._42 + height; // add height

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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I feel really dumb now, but I just reversed the arguments in the D3DXMatrixOrthoLH call and it works like a champ. Amazing how much clearer things are after a few hours of sleep! Thanks for your reply.

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