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Qs with DirectDraw

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Sorry I forgot to complete my post. DirectX has backward compatibility so that any previous versions of DirectX are possible even if you only have the newest version. So yes, if you have DirectX 8.1, then you can use DirectDraw. But microsoft won''t be updating it any more so it might be better for the future to go to D3D. DirectDraw isn''t dead, it''s just completed for the hardware today.

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Just to clarify things - yes, DirectDraw still exists, but you cannot use it AND DirectX Graphics 8+ interfaces. For instance, you cannot use DirectDraw to blit to a backbuffer and finish up by rendering D3D8 primitives. Only like version interfaces work with each other. So in the end, if you want to use DX Graphics (DX v8+), than no, you cannot use DirectDraw at the same time.

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