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Jackie Lou

Weird error on Direct Show

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I''m trying to create a program that convert an uncompressed .avi file to a compressed one(DV encoder) using a DirectShow. Currently, it does the conversion but only 320x240. So I use IDVEnc interface to specify the resolution(e.g. 720x480), it gives me a weird error during runtime. This is the IDVEnc interface that cases the error during run time: =================================== ((IDVEnc *) pDVEnc)->put_IFormatResolution(DVENCODERVIDEOFORMAT_NTSC,DVENCODERFORMAT_DVSD, DVENCODERRESOLUTION_720x480,false, 0); ==================================== This is the error message: ==================================== "The value of ESP was not properly saved across a function call. This is usually a result of calling a function declared with one calling convention with a function pointer declared with a different calling convention." ==================================== Here is the source code: ===================================== HRESULT AddFilter( IGraphBuilder *pGraph, // Pointer to the Filter Graph Manager. const GUID& clsid, // CLSID of the filter to create. LPCWSTR wszName, // A name for the filter. IBaseFilter **ppF) // Receives a pointer to the filter. { *ppF = 0; IBaseFilter *pF = 0; HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(clsid, 0, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IBaseFilter, reinterpret_cast(&pF)); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { hr = pGraph->AddFilter(pF, wszName); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) *ppF = pF; else pF->Release(); } return hr; } HRESULT GetUnconnectedPin( IBaseFilter *pFilter, // Pointer to the filter. PIN_DIRECTION PinDir, // Direction of the pin to find. IPin **ppPin) // Receives a pointer to the pin. { *ppPin = 0; IEnumPins *pEnum = 0; IPin *pPin = 0; HRESULT hr = pFilter->EnumPins(&pEnum); if (FAILED(hr)) { return hr; } while (pEnum->Next(1, &pPin, NULL) == S_OK) { PIN_DIRECTION ThisPinDir; pPin->QueryDirection(&ThisPinDir); if (ThisPinDir == PinDir) { IPin *pTmp = 0; hr = pPin->ConnectedTo(&pTmp); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) // Already connected, not the pin we want. { pTmp->Release(); } else // Unconnected, this is the one we want. { pEnum->Release(); *ppPin = pPin; return S_OK; } } pPin->Release(); } pEnum->Release(); // Didn''t find a matching pin. return E_FAIL; } HRESULT ConnectFilters(IGraphBuilder *pGraph, IBaseFilter *pSrc, IBaseFilter *pDest) { IPin *pOut = 0, *pIn = 0; HRESULT hr = GetUnconnectedPin(pSrc, PINDIR_OUTPUT, &pOut); if (FAILED(hr)) { return hr; } hr = GetUnconnectedPin(pDest, PINDIR_INPUT, &pIn); if (FAILED(hr)) { pIn->Release(); return hr; } hr = pGraph->Connect(pOut, pIn); pOut->Release(); pIn->Release(); return hr; } bool StartDVConverter() { HRESULT hr; IGraphBuilder *pGraph; hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_FilterGraph, 0, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER,IID_IGraphBuilder, (void**) (&pGraph)); if (hr != S_OK) return false; ///////////// Convert the char* to wchar_t* wchar_t outputString[1024]; MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP,0,(LPCSTR) _outputFilename.GetString(), _outputFilename.GetLength()+1,outputString,256); ///////////// ///////////// Convert the char* to wchar_t* wchar_t inputString[1024]; MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP,0,(LPCSTR) _inputFilename.GetString(), _inputFilename.GetLength()+1,inputString,256); IBaseFilter *pSrc = 0, *pMux = 0, *pWriter = 0, *pDVMux = 0, *pDVEnc; if ((hr = pGraph->AddSourceFilter(inputString, L"Source", &pSrc)) != S_OK) return false; if ((hr = AddFilter(pGraph, CLSID_DVVideoEnc, L"DV Video Enc", &pDVEnc)) != S_OK) return false; if ((hr = AddFilter(pGraph, CLSID_DVMux, L"DVMux", &pDVMux)) != S_OK) return false; if ((hr = AddFilter(pGraph, CLSID_AviDest , L"AVI Mux", &pMux)) != S_OK) return false; if ((hr = AddFilter(pGraph, CLSID_FileWriter, L"Writer", &pWriter)) != S_OK) return false; //////////////This is the part of the code that cause error ((IDVEnc *) pDVEnc)->put_IFormatResolution(DVENCODERVIDEOFORMAT_NTSC, DVENCODERFORMAT_DVSD, DVENCODERRESOLUTION_720x480,false, 0); /////////////end of the code that cause error // Initialize the File Writer filter. IFileSinkFilter2 *pSink = 0; hr = pWriter->QueryInterface(IID_IFileSinkFilter2, (void**) (&pSink)); if (hr != S_OK) return false; if ((hr = pSink->SetFileName(outputString, NULL)) != S_OK) return false; if ((hr = pSink->SetMode(AM_FILE_OVERWRITE)) != S_OK) return false; pSink->Release(); // Connect the Async File Source to the DV Splitter. This will // automatically insert the AVI Splitter between them. // (If this call fails, it''s not a type-1 DV file!) if ((hr = ConnectFilters(pGraph, pSrc, pDVEnc)) != S_OK) return false; if ((hr = ConnectFilters(pGraph, pDVEnc, pDVMux)) != S_OK) return false; if ((hr = ConnectFilters(pGraph, pDVMux, pMux)) != S_OK) return false; if ((hr = ConnectFilters(pGraph, pMux, pWriter)) != S_OK) return false; hr = pGraph->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaControl, (void**) &_mediaControl); if (hr != S_OK) { cerr << "7" << endl; WriteErrorMessage (hr); ReleaseObjects(); return false; } cerr hr = _mediaControl->Run(); if (hr != S_OK) return false; _percent = -1; getch (); _mediaControl->Stop(); _mediaControl->Release(); pDVMux->Release(); pDVEnc->Release(); pWriter->Release(); pSrc->Release(); pMux->Release(); pGraph->Release(); return true; } =================================== Any help is greatly appreciated! Jackie

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