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Cube Root?

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Is this something that is included in the standard off the shelf MSVC++ math.h file? If so, what's the function called? Most of the ones I don't recognize are so cryptic they might as well be in arabic or something. If not, how would I actually accomplish this? It couldn't be pretty. Reason I ask is because I'm starting to get into height mapping, and I'm working on getting to where I can make one texture cover the entire area and not be too distorted. I suppose the pow function could take care of it, using 0.33 as the power. Anyone know how reliable would this approach be? [edited by - Jederas on September 12, 2002 6:30:40 AM]

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#include <math.h>

double cube_root(double x){
return exp(1.0/3 * log(x));
// -OR-

return pow(x,1.0/3);

Both versions should be perfectly reliable.

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