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MS-DirectX-Framework: Globlal instances of Variables not possible?

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I´m relating to the example text3d from microsoft, but i guess it is the same with all other sample applications that use the framework from microsoft. I want to create an instance of an own class in the main-cpp-file (its name is text3d.cpp), so the instance of my class is globally acessable from all other further (sub)classes - a global variable. I´m then always getting an assertion error when closing the app. A global int-Variable or something simple like that seems to work without a problem. My instance isnt dynamically created (no "new"-operator), but member variables in this class are! I do not understand the assertion-error here, but i think it has to do with memory-management (especially the "delete"-operator). When i´m always klicking on the button to ignore the assertion, the program seems to work without a problem. How can this strange behaviour intercepted? thanks for your time!

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Impossible to say without seeing the code but try to check if you are deleting an empty(already deleted) pointer. Also, make sure that everything you new is deleted.

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Sorry, i was wrong, this has nothing to do with the DirectX-Sample-Framework from MS but with my mistakes.

The error occures in this ".cpp"-File:

#include "CErrorProtocol.h"

#include "Windows.h"

#include "DXUtil.h" //contains SAFE_DELETE_ARRAY macro

CErrorProtocol::CErrorProtocol( char* Filename ) {
m_strFilename = new char[ strlen(Filename) ];
m_strFilename = Filename;
m_Protocol = fopen( m_strFilename,"w" );

CErrorProtocol::~CErrorProtocol() {
fclose( m_Protocol );

//-->IN THIS LINE OCCURES THE ERROR:---------------------

SAFE_DELETE_ARRAY( m_strFilename); //<--THE ERROR


void CErrorProtocol::SetError( char *String ) {
OutputDebugString( String );
OutputDebugString( "\n" );

fprintf(m_Protocol, String );
fprintf(m_Protocol, "\n" );

what is wrong with this?

[edited by - Santharn on September 13, 2002 1:30:42 AM]

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If m_strFilename is defines as char* you cannot
use "m_strFilename = Filename" to set m_strFilename to the new name. This way you will loose the original pointer, you acquired via new[], and later deleting some invalid memory adress.

Try memcpy( m_strFilename, Filename, strlen( Filename ) + 1 );


(or even better: use std::string!)

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