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reading a file

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I have a text file that contains lines of text. Each line ends with \n as normal. I have set up a function to count the number of lines in the file like this: do{ infile.getline( array, 256 ); counter++; }while( infile.peek() != EOF ); this gives me the number of lines. then i generate a random number based on counter. I want to go back to the file and pull out the line that corresponds with my random number. Can anyone put me on the right track as to how i can read that one line into an array to be stored and used by my driver? All help is appreciated. "... thats the rub...

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The 'brute force' approach:
call rewind( FILE *stream ); then reread a series of getlines, as many as necessary. You'll have your line.

The 'clever' approach:
Look up functions '_lseek' from io.h or 'fseek' from stdio.h and learn to use them for your purpose.

The 'Windows virtual memory' approach:
Learn to use the 'CreateFile', 'CreateFileMapping' and 'MapViewOfFile' triad of API functions. These will allow you to load up a file in memory (Virtual memory). And access it via a simple char* pointer, all at a higher speed than stdio.h functions allow.

Hope these help


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The ''if the file is short enough'' approach:

Have an array of arrays to store the lines.

infile.getline( array[counter], 256 );

Then you already have the line you need... no rewinding required. It would be a bit easier and safer if you used std::string, although char arrays will suffice.

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