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DirectInput: CreateEffect Force Feedback

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I''m not able to get the CreateEffect method of the directinputdevice8 interface to work. It doesn''t seem to load the effect to the device. I''m using a Microsoft Sidewinder Pro FF. I''m using this code and I get the pointer effect == NULL. I read that the device could be full of effects but it should reset when you create a new anyway. Anyone know? private: iObjectRegistry* object_reg; LPDIRECTINPUT8 di; HRESULT hr; LPDIRECTINPUTDEVICE8 joystick; GUID guidEffect; int nbr; LPDIRECTINPUTEFFECT effect; bool csForceFeedback::loadEffect(){ hr = joystick->Poll(); if (FAILED(hr)) { hr = joystick->Acquire(); while(hr == DIERR_INPUTLOST) hr = joystick->Acquire(); } DWORD rgdwAxes[2] = { DIJOFS_X, DIJOFS_Y }; LONG rglDirection[2] = { 0, 0 }; DICONSTANTFORCE cf = { 0 }; DIEFFECT eff; ZeroMemory( &eff, sizeof(eff) ); eff.dwSize = sizeof(DIEFFECT); eff.dwFlags = DIEFF_CARTESIAN | DIEFF_OBJECTOFFSETS; eff.dwDuration = INFINITE; eff.dwSamplePeriod = 0; eff.dwGain = DI_FFNOMINALMAX; eff.dwTriggerButton = DIEB_NOTRIGGER; eff.dwTriggerRepeatInterval = 0; eff.cAxes = 2; eff.rgdwAxes = rgdwAxes; eff.rglDirection = rglDirection; eff.lpEnvelope = 0; eff.cbTypeSpecificParams = sizeof(DICONSTANTFORCE); eff.lpvTypeSpecificParams = &cf; eff.dwStartDelay = 0; // Create the prepared effect if( FAILED( hr = joystick->CreateEffect( GUID_ConstantForce, &eff, &effect, NULL ) ) ) { csPrintf("Couldn''t create effect\n"); } if( NULL == effect ) { csPrintf("NULL"); return false; } return true; } BOOL CALLBACK csForceFeedback::EnumJoysticksCallback(const DIDEVICEINSTANCE* pdidInstance, VOID* pContext) { csForceFeedback *self = (csForceFeedback *)pContext; HRESULT hr; // Obtain an interface to the enumerated joystick. hr = self->di->CreateDevice(pdidInstance->guidInstance, &self->joystick, NULL); if(FAILED(hr)) return DIENUM_CONTINUE; // Set cooperative level. hr = self->joystick->SetCooperativeLevel(NULL, DISCL_EXCLUSIVE | DISCL_FOREGROUND); if (FAILED(hr)) return hr; // set game data format hr = self->joystick->SetDataFormat(&c_dfDIJoystick); if (FAILED(hr)) return hr; //Turn off autocenter DIPROPDWORD DIPropAutoCenter; DIPropAutoCenter.diph.dwSize = sizeof(DIPropAutoCenter); DIPropAutoCenter.diph.dwHeaderSize = sizeof(DIPROPHEADER); DIPropAutoCenter.diph.dwObj = 0; DIPropAutoCenter.diph.dwHow = DIPH_DEVICE; DIPropAutoCenter.dwData = DIPROPAUTOCENTER_OFF; hr = self->joystick->SetProperty(DIPROP_AUTOCENTER, &DIPropAutoCenter.diph); if (FAILED(hr)) { // Handle the failure as appropriate csPrintf("Could not turn off autocenter!"); } return DIENUM_STOP; } And this among other things is called in a init() method if( FAILED( hr = di->EnumDevices( DI8DEVCLASS_GAMECTRL,EnumJoysticksCallback, (void*) this, DIEDFL_FORCEFEEDBACK | DIEDFL_ATTACHEDONLY) ) ) { csPrintf("Force feedback device not found!\n"); return false; }

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