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Cg Wrapper Class Problems

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OK, im almost finished a wrapper class for Cg that im gonna be using. Im gonna release it to the community too ( of course ) but ive run into a simple problem i cant beat. I have 3 classes, a main wrapper class, and a pixel and fragment program class. The main wrapper only deals with getting a cg context and activatin/deactivating the shader programs, and the shaders themselves are responsable for loading themselves and binding their data, the problem ive hit is that i want the user just to be able to send their data to the shader and have it bind it accordingly. The way im doing it now (verrrrry ugly ) has them having to sent a structure containing: a pointer to the vertex/fragment data a numelements counter 2 arrays ( one for saying whether its uniform or not, and the other one the format of the data, indexed into using the numelements counter ) for determining data format Now this is really ugly and isnt hiding any of the core ugliness of having to write Cg enabled programs and i was wondering if anyone here had any ideas on how to make it look and seem 'nicer'? [EDIT] If you see this YannL, could you reply (even if you dont have an answer), YOU ARE MY GOD![END EDIT] [edited by - Hairybudda on September 13, 2002 3:27:01 PM]

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