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Fade (VB)

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That''s my code for fade in DirectX. DXObject is my own type, don''t worry about it. But anyway, what should I add to this code to make the picture flash (fade in/out)? I could make a series of pictures and then show them, but I need to keep the game as small as possible. Public Sub Fade(dxo As DXObject, m As SngPoint, transcol As Long) Dim xx As Integer, xy As Integer ''coordinates Dim rl As Long ''color Dim colorDivided As RGBTRIPLE If InsideRect(dxo.sRect2, m.x, m.y) Then dxo.DDSurface.Lock dxo.sRect2, dxo.ddsd, DDLOCK_WAIT, 0 For xy = 0 To dxo.ddsd.lHeight For xx = 0 To dxo.ddsd.lWidth rl = dxo.DDSurface.GetLockedPixel(xx, xy) If rl = transcol Then GoTo zskip ''prevents the change of transparent color colorDivided.rgbtRed = rl And &HFF& colorDivided.rgbtGreen = (rl And &HFF00&) \ 256 colorDivided.rgbtBlue = (rl And &HFF0000) \ 65536 Call dxo.DDSurface.SetLockedPixel(xx, xy, RGB(colorDivided.rgbtRed / 2, colorDivided.rgbtGreen / 2, colorDivided.rgbtBlue / 2)) zskip: Next Next dxo.DDSurface.Unlock dxo.sRect2 End If End Sub

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