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Helpy? I must learn!

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Ok, here''s the deal. I''m a programmer/designer, but getting sprite artists is very close to impossible. I''ve even tried offering money. Hehe. So the next step is to try to do the spriting myself (gasp!) This sprite is of a female character, based on a sprite that someone else drew (it''s modified beyond recognition). As you can see, my first attempt at a walking animation is.. well. f***ed up to say the least. Any comments/suggestions/tips/words of encouragement/help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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It doesn''t look that bad, actually. I would suggest, however, that you:

* Shorten the lifted leg, to show the knee bending.

* Have the head move a bit.

* Have the body dip as the leg moves forward from rest.

* Have motion through the center of the body (when the legs are the same distance from the viewer) be faster than motion near the extents of the legs'' rotation. Right now, it looks like she takes a step, stops, takes a step, and stops.

Don''t listen to me. I''ve had too much coffee.

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Though I''m a programmer myself and I learn how to draw right now, it does seem a bit hard drawing realistic pictures or just sketches. For improving my drawing skills I''ve borrowed a book from library called "Drawing on the right side of the brain". It explains lots of stuff on how to learn to draw, how to switch the way you look to the one the artists use when drawing, etc.
If you are serious about learning to draw, its a must to get book.
Basically, it proposes that EVERYONE can draw, since drawing isn''t some kind of a ''god gift'', but just a skill you can master after some time with practice and more pratice.

Visit my website where I post some drawings of mine after 2 weeks of reading that book.

" Do we need us? "

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