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Easy STL question

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This should be an easy question to answer. For some reason I can''t get it to work. How can I declare a function to accept a stl list or vector as a parameter of that function. I want it so I can still retain all of the functionality of a list or vector within that function.

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You mean like this?

#include <vector>

#include <list>

#include <algorithm>

#include <iostream>

#include <iterator>

using namespace std;

template<typename T>
void func(const T& v)
copy(v.begin(), v.end(), ostream_iterator<T::value_type>(cout, "\n"));

int main()
vector<int> v;


list<double> l;


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Guest Anonymous Poster
I feel compelled to point out that in 99% of cases, you don''t actually need/want your function to take the container (list/vector). Rethink your algorithm, and decide if you can get by with a pair of iterators. Look at the algorithms in STL -- tons of them, and not a single one requires a container to be passed in. There are advantages to working this way -- each of the iterator abstractions are very well defined, and your code will support things like C arrays via pointers. Of course, I could be wrong, you might need the container, but I highly doubt it. Something to think about...

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